Big Tuu withhis wife officially open the exhibition of the Royal Barge Processing

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Big Tuu withhis wife officially open the exhibition of the Royal Barge Processing


along the capital city.
On Thursday October24’2019 at 0630 PM, The Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha and
the Minister of Defense as the event chairmanof the Royal Coronation Ceremonyas well
as the Associate Professor Naraporn Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister’s wife are the
president to open exhibition of the Royal Barge Processing on the occasion regarding to
the Royal Coronation Ceremony in the year 2019 at Sanam Luang, Bangkok.
This exhibitionhas been organizedby the Ministry of Culture and the office of the Prime
Minister during October 25 to November 11’2019.

Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngarm, the Deputy Prime Minister and Mr. Ittiphon Khunpluem, the
Minister of Culture participate as well.
On this occasion, The Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense commemorate in honor
to His Majesty The King.
Then the Prime Minister and the Minister of defense and Associate Professor Napaporn
Chan-o-chaview the show of light & sound multimedia VTR on the water flowing screen.
Its title is named ‘Marn Tara Lu Kajorn Chalerm Ong Rachan” to honor His Majesty the
King. As well they view the Royal Barge Oaring Demonstration presented by the
department of naval affairs, and this show is named “Ruamjai Thai Therd Tai Ong
Rachan” from Khonkaen and Suphanburee Province. All these shows take place at the
art & culture open space.

After that they proceed to exhibition hall where the exhibition named “Taleng Tawan
Racha sombat Siam Ratthasima” and honored His Majesty the King’s coronation takes
place. They pay the respect to the Royal portrait of His Majesty the King and then to
view the light & sound multimedia shows which is under the name of “Niramit Rueng
Natee Taleng Kla”. After that they visit the exhibition presenting the Royal Barge
Procession which has been held since the past till nowadays.
The exhibition is held in three section at three halls:- Hall 1:- “Maha Mongkonsamai Phra Kwan Phra Thai Taleng Rath”
To present the theoretical knowledge and information of the Royal Coronation Ceremony
since the Rattanakosin dynasty till present.

– Information and picture presenting the sacrificial ceremony and sacred water ceremony
-The theatrical performance and celebration are organized by the central and the
provincial sector and are presented on LED screen. ( Note:- The braille stands are
specially facilitated for the blind visitors as well.)
-E-book library (Electronic book) is for searching and studying all information in
either Thai or English are equipped as well.
Hall 2:- “ Niramit Ruang Natee Taleng Lar”

The light & sound multimedia is equipped with the 3-dimensions LED screen to present
the story of Thais who lives happily because of the King’s prestige.
-The cultural performance by the famous movie stars
-The show of Royal Barge Procession which consists of totally 52 barges. This show
includes the Thai poem to honor His Majesty the King which is composed by the Captain
Thongyoi Saengsinchai.
Hall 3:- “Khabuan Nava Arayasin Phandin Siam”
To present the theoretical knowledge of the Royal Barge Procession which has been held
since the Ayutthaya Dynasty till Nowadays.

-Photos of the barge procession since the past has been displayed via the LED screen.
-Pictures of the 52 Royal Barge and their explanation included.
– The presentation of musical instrument used for the Royal Barge Oaring.
– The presentation of mannequin to display the clothes of paddling officers.
Regarding to this exhibition, the social media association and the Division of Mass
Affairs Office of Psychology Department of Civil Affairs is honored to cooperate to
organize the youth volunteer acting as a young ambassador in order that they use their
foreign language abilities to explain and provide the knowledge & information of this
exhibition inside the hall.

As well they are ready to help and facilitate all the visitors in
the area. It is not considered as only the youths’ field trip but it is also their great
opportunity to learn Thai tradition and culture which is the high valuable and unique
characteristic. It is such a great pride of them to the foreigners’ viewpoint that they are
able to utilize their foreign language skills to convey all the matter of this exhibition.
These young ambassadors are from various schools mentioned below:-
-Sarasas Witaed Rachapruek School
-Sarasas Witaed Bang Bua Thong School
-Sarasas Witaed Sai Mai School
-Sul Ruethai School and
-Raffles American School, Bangkok

Cr.Chawalit Rouyrinsilpa